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8 Questions Every Swimmer Should Ask Themselves

To get clarity with our swimming goals – and in life in general – periodic reflection and evaluation can be immensely powerful. After all, although we tend to think otherwise, we often get wrapped up in the expectation of others, unrealistic comparisons and wishful thinking. Regular reflection can help you see things with more clarity, and to remind ourselves to focus in on the things that matter most.

Below are 8 questions every swimmer should be asking themselves on a daily basis. The questions are split into AM (the first one) and PM (the other 7 questions)–


The time is now

Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) President Christopher Samuda has urged emerging swimmers to make the best of opportunities provided for them today and reminded that procrastination is indeed the thief of time.

He also challenged handlers of aquatic athletes to play their part in creating the environment suited for the development of talent and the platform to showcase that talent post-haste.

Samuda made the call as he delivered the keynote address at the media launch of the Jetcon 'Y' Speedos Karl Dalhouse Invitational Swim Meet at National Aquatic Centre on Wednesday.


25 swim coaches receive FINA Level 2 Certification of Competence

thumbnail imageTwenty-five swim coaches comprising 23 Jamaican coaches and 2 Aruban coaches successfully completed a FINA Level 2 Certification Course at the National Aquatic Centre held from January 26 to January 30, 2020. This was the final segment of the course, the first having been an online course that started on December 16, 2019.

The FINA lecturer was Dave Farmer from Barbados who was able to bring a Caribbean perspective to the Course with which the coaches were able to relate. All participants indicated they were happy that they attended as they gained valuable knowledge from it and found it to be very informative and educational.

Congratulations to the coaches! And to all our Tornadoes Coaches who participated.

Joshua Craigie Dancing to his Dreams

Imagine your child, one year before his high-school graduation, announcing that he wants to migrate to another country to study dance. It may not be the simplest wish to grant, but for Joshua Craigie’s parents, their son was already living the dream to dance.

A brave fourth-form student then, Craigie pulled his parents aside to discuss just how far he expected dance to take him or, better said, where he wanted to take dance.


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