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Nutrition for Swimmers - An Overview

Nyasha Heaven (Swim Mom - Aliyah, Jada and Matthew)
FCCA, MBA, Health Coach

The following Nutrition Guide is comprehensive for our swimmers to follow. However I will add the suggestions

1. Importance of eating more complex starches  (yam, banana, sweet & irish potato, breadfruit,  dasher not etc.) versus simple starches (white products, sugars etc.) The sugary foods & drinks tend to cause insulin fluctuations, lack of focus, mood swings & headaches.  

2. Hydration, stressing the importance of drinking water throughout training and during meets in addition to the lower sugar content drinks ( the best one we have found so far is PowerAid).

3. Rest: The benefits of getting good rest as best as possible each night and if possible to get some rest/downtime during the breaks at swim meets.

4. Vegetarian options eg. Beans, legumes, peas are good but the swimmer will have to check their iron levels regularly &/or possibly take a supplement to make up for the loss of nutrients due to lack of meat. Some athletes thrive well on a vegetarian diet but some may not so that would have to be a personal decision after consultation with their health care provider.

5. Overall, trying to keep a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables, vitamins, protein (especially needed for athletes for muscle building due to wear & tear) & healthy complex carbs.

ASAJ ratifies 33-member team for Carifta champs

The Aquatic Sports Association of Jamaica (ASAJ) is once again eyeing a strong showing at the upcoming Carifta Swimming Championships after ratifying a talented 33-member team for the 35th edition of the event scheduled for April 11-14 in Barbados.

Seven first-timers, four of whom are overseas-based, have been named in the team, which also includes many-time leading points scorers Zaneta Alvaranga and Nathaniel Thomas, who will be making their fourth Carifta appearance for Jamaica if they accept the invitation.


The Top Ten Questions Every Swimming Parent Wants to Know

You see them every day. They are everywhere. At every pool. Every swim meet. Every school swimming practice.

There they are. Sitting at the side of the pool. Watching every lap. Counting every breath. Analyzing every stroke. Studying every move you make.

Coaches? No.

Swimming media? Uh-uh.

Officials? No way.

Who are these people who go to the pool and watch you swim laps day after day after day? Who are these folk sitting there in the wind and rain for hours and hours watching you practice? Who are these strange humans who love nothing more than getting out of bed at 4 a.m. just to sit in the cold and watch you train?


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