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Policy Rules and Regulations

  • It is expected that all stakeholders in the Tornadoes Swim Club treat each other with respect.
  • It is expected that each coach will execute every training session to the best of his/her ability ensuring the safety and welfare of each swimmer.
  • It is expected that each swimmer conducts himself/herself in a proper manner at training, by listening to the coach and being respectful to team mates.
  • It is expected that swimmers will ensure that they attend training on a regular basis. Swimmers can only perform to the best of their ability if they attend 96% of their scheduled training sessions.
  • It is expected that swimmers will come to training on time and prepared. Swimmers should be at the pool 15 minutes before the expected start time. Swimmers should be on deck ready in their suits with their equipment and hydration 5 minutes before the scheduled training time.
  • It is expected that swimmers train only with Tornadoes Swim Club coaches. Swimmers are not allowed to swim with outside coaches, save and except from
    •  School training
    • Overseas based swimmers
    •  Summer training- it is recommended that swimmers who wish to swim during the summer months, continue to swim with the Tornadoes coaches, however during the month of July, and up to the start of the new training season in August, swimmers may join a training programme of their choice. If swimmers are participating in overseas camps, it is best that the parents consult with the coaches, when choosing a swim camp.

Swimmers who are found training with outside coaches during the months of September to June will be asked to either resign from the outside coach or resign from the club.

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