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Message For Parents

DadsTo have a successful club and swim program there must be understanding and cooperation among parents, swimmers and coaches. The Tornadoes parent is a special person and very important to the success of the swimmer and club. Establish a good relationship with the coach of your swimmer, and at least one parent within you swimmer’s group. Your role is to support both the swimmer and coach. Make sure your swimmer is attending training and participating in activities, feed and hydrate your swimmer properly, love and encourage your swimmer. Coaches will endeavor to ensure that technique, pacing, race strategy and best times are achieved and maintained.

Parents your responsibility is to support the swimmer, and support the club. Your job is to create the best possible training experience for your swimmer. Your job is to understand the swimmers goals and ensure that the swimmer is competing according to their own goals. Your job is to ensure that the swimmer is working on becoming the best they can be and to ensure that our expectation of the swimmer is in keeping with their abilities and desires.

Parents form the volunteers needed at all meets and club activities. Parents are needed consistently for the job of - TIME KEEPING, DECK OFFICIALS, FUND RAISING, SERVING REFRESHMENTS, FIRST AID, MANAGERS OF AGE GROUPS/TEAM. Please volunteer at meets and at activities to build the club’s relationships.

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