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Welcome Members


Welcome to the Tornadoes Swim Club Family! We are delighted that you have made the decision to take the plunge into competitive swimming with us. Competitive swimming is a great sport that can be one of the most exciting, stimulating and yes, exhaustingly difficult activities for both swimmers and parents. We are optimistic that your experience with the club will be a rewarding, thrilling and fun one. We look forward to working with you and your family as we aim to develop the talents of your child.


Throughout the swimming season, the Tornadoes Swim Club organizes special activities for swimmers and their families. We place great value on these events as we believe they make the bond within the Tornadoes family stronger; establishing the club’s culture and literal expression of our motto, perseverance, team work and excellence.

Here’s a quick peek of some of the adventures we’ve given the Tornadoes stamp of approval of thus far! 

Caymanas River Swim   Movie Nights
Hope Gardens Day   Triathlons
Birthday Socials   Open Water Swims
Carol Service & Award Ceremony   Training at the Beach
Summer Camp   Land Training - Including Running/Spinning/Hill Runs

We pride ourselves in hosting these activities and encourage you to get involved and participate in the fun with your entire family.


As mentioned before, our calendars are filled with fun activities for you and your family. Here is a list accompanied by a description of what we call Must Do Events.

Carol Service – This is an annual event held in December, at the end of the calendar year. As everyone prepares to celebrate Christmas and the importance of family, the Tornadoes swim club gives swimmers an opportunity to do just that. We gather to celebrate the holidays, sing carols and allow children to showcase their creativity and non-aquatic talents through music, poem reciting, song and dance to name a few. Individuals from each training group prepares an item of their choice to perform. In the spirit of giving, gifts are amassed at the service and later distributed to a local charity.

Awards Ceremony – This function is also convened in December and serves the purpose of recognition; awarding swimmers for their efforts in the previous year. Swimmers are acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work, perseverance, excellent performances and achievements with certificates, tokens, medals and trophies.

End of Year Party – This is our culminating event that takes place at the end of the swimming season, in June. It is marked by a day of relaxation, enjoying the company of the team by the pool or the beach where we barbeque, play games, play music and celebrate the accomplishments of the year. 

Tornadoes Swim Meet – This meet, the best on the Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica’s (ASAJ) calendar since 1997, is the highlight of the club’s annual activities and our major fund raiser. We are always excited to host this meet because it brings the Tornadoes family even closer together. We would not be able to organize and execute this meet without the assistance of all parents – we thank you for that!
Overseas Competition – Currently, the club travels in November, January and April to race and experience overseas competition. It is our firm belief that competing outside of Jamaica has the potential to greatly improve the performance of swimmers.


Our primary mode of communication between parents, swimmers and coaches is through electronic mail. Those parents who do not use electronic mail, have the option of calling or visiting us on deck before or after training. It is often times challenging for coaches to answer their phones during swimming times and as such, we ask that you dispatch a text message where necessary.

Quick Tips

  • If you are not receiving emails, or if you have changed your address please contact the club’s secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • If your swimmer will be absent or late, call or text before training has begun


Colours: The Tornadoes Swim Club’s colours are ORANGE, BLACK AND TEAL.
Training Attire: Athletes are asked to use their discretion when choosing training suits as it is a requisite that they are appropriately dressed on deck. Bikinis are for the beach and as such we do not allow them in training sessions. If your swimmer is not sure about his/her suit, please feel free to ask. Swimmers are also asked to wear swim caps; goggles are also highly recommended.
Competition Attire: Athletes must wear team colours when competing. It is essential that swimmers wear Tornadoes Swim Club shirts, team swimsuits and caps during competition so that our team pride shines brilliantly. While we understand that your swimmer wants to execute well, we do not recommend that they compete in FINA approved suits for all local meets. However, you may pursue the approval of your coach to seek guidance on which meets would override this suggestion. Competitors should always plan ahead for weather conditions including unexpected changes such as rain.

Quick Tips

  • Weather – To keep warm you will need an extra towel, socks and sweat suits. Team members MUST remain hydrated throughout the day whether it is hot or cold.
  • Swimsuits – To preserve the life of your swimsuits, it is recommended that he/she rinses the suit thoroughly with clean water after each use; then hang to dry. Rinsing eliminates chlorine and bacteria which triggers the deterioration of the suit.
  • Caps – Swim caps should not be worn for extended periods outside of the pool as there is great potential for overheating and severe headaches. It is also suggested that athletes rinse their caps with cold clean water after each use. Once dry, powder should be added to the inside of the cap to prolong the lifespan of same.
  • Goggles – We ask that swimmers invest in more than one pair of goggles as they are unpredictable, may leak or break at any moment in time.

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