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About Us

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You have clicked on the right page to learn more about our amazing club!
We are The Tornadoes Swim Club! We are a club that not only believes in, but also practices daily, the motto of PERSEVERENCE, TEAM WORK and EXCELLENCE. The Tornadoes Swim Club is a family oriented club that takes pride in honing the skills of our swimmers, focusing on their development throughout all levels from ages 5 – 99 years.


The Tornadoes Swim Club’s vision serves as a blue-print of the word PERSEVERENCE, one that sees the team becoming the foremost club in Jamaica, producing superior, wold class Caribbean athletes by creating an environment that will foster swimmers beyond their greatest potential.


The mission of the Tornadoes Swim Club is to provide athletes the opportunity to achieve EXCELLENCE within the sport of competitive swimming; to help each swimmer grow as individuals and as team members. To assist each swimmer to develop the interpersonal skills of discipline, dedication and diligence through TEAM WORK, support of coaches and participation of family and friends.


1. To promote the sport of swimming amongst members of the team
2. To develop the potential of each child to his/her maximum through encouragement and rewarding improvement
3. To foster club spirit amongst members
4. To create Value for all stakeholders
5. To enmesh parents and families of team members within club activities


At Tornadoes, the pursuit of excellence is one of the most important things we do. It is our belief that swimmers must balance hard work and FUN. As a club, it is our aim to create this type of environment, encouraging swimmers to blossom in all facets of life. We must highlight that during the years your family grows with Tornadoes, advancement of swimmers will be evidenced in his/her self-discipline and hard work. It is guaranteed that the memories and traits learned, and friendships forged while being a member of The Tornadoes Swim Club will definitely last a lifetime!


The members of the Tornadoes Swim Club are a versatile bunch which includes competitive, open water swimmers, tri-athletes and water polo players. These athletes have garnered accolades at the highest level locally, regionally and internationally at the Age Group, Junior and Senior levels. We make it a must to participate in all club meets and open water swims throughout the swimming season.
The club places great emphasis on participating in international competitions and as such our swimmers have found themselves racing in countries such as the United States of America, Panama, Trinidad, Barbados and The Bahamas to name a few. We aim to continue this trend, exposing our swimmers to various meets all over the world.
Currently, our team consists of more than 250 swimmers, competing and training both locally and internationally with the club and their respective international High Schools and Universities. Hence, our members can be found bursting with Tornadoes pride in Jamaica, Canada, Bahamas, Brazil, and France – all over the world.
Our amazing coaches, both past and present, have created a long standing tradition of swimming success that we are sure to maintain in the future. We proudly assert that our coaches have consistently provided positive and healthy surroundings for swimmers to thrive in. Our incredible members range from little ones just beginning to Masters keeping fit and still loving the sport.
It is through our love for water and our swimmers that we are able to consistently produce National Team swimmers and coaches, representing Jamaica at the highest levels in meets such as The CARTIFTA Games, CISC, CCCAN, The Commonwealth Games, World Championships and the Olympics.

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